A Wide Range of House Coal

It's easy to stay warm with products from W Sole & Sons. Call our Ascot, Berkshire-based merchants of choice for quality house coal.

Coal and Charcoal

Whether you're looking for charcoal for your barbecue or a solution for your boiler needs, W Sole & Sons always come through. We have a huge variety in stock, including:

Housecoal — For open fires, not smokeless
— For a smokeless open fire
Phurnacite™ — Perfect for boilers and Aga™ cookers
— Ideal fuel for any kind of stove
Beans — Gravity fuel for boilers
Anthracite™ Grains — An even smaller fuel size for more efficient burning
Anthracite™ — Large nuts and small nuts
Briteheat™ — The ideal choice for closed appliances
Taybrite™ — A multi-purpose product for cookers and stoves
Wildfire™ — Another great choice for smokeless fires at unbeatable prices
Ecoal™ — Made from 50% renewable materials, this is a greener choice

Mounds of Coal - House Coal in Ascot, Berkshire

Other Products

Have your bottled gas needs taken care of by us. Keep your barbecue cooking perfectly with flow gas or choose from our supply of hardwood and softwood logs for a traditional feel.

Contact W Sole & Sons for house coal and other options that keep you warm in winter.